What in the world is Honest Alumni?

You've heard of Honest Alumni and now find out what all the buzz is about. 


Honest Alumni is...

An online platform where your current student body can contact your alumni. Keep reading to see how Honest Alumni can partner with different aspects of your school.


Advancement Offices


Honest Alumni helps you engage those pesky young alumni who seem to slip through the crack of your current engagement strategy. These alumni can stay involved with you institution by providing students with the lessons they've learned on their journey through college. 


High School Counselors


Each year you selflessly guide students towards the right university and each year all that information leaves with the student. Honest Alumni keeps that information in your organization by allowing alumni to share their knowledge and experience with current students. 




You have questions about college. You could Google them and find random unhelpful answers... or you could ask an alumni who has been in your shoes and can help you on the path to success.