Types of Connections

Honest Alumni is in the business of connecting people. Find out more about all the possible connections. 

College is an investment for students, parents and high schools. We want you to make the best choice by providing Honest answers.
— Jonathan Richards, CEO & Founder

Types of Connections


Each Honest Alumni site features every university that an alumni from your institution has attended. The focal point of university pages are the alumni. However, the page also features Frequently Asked Questions about the university, U.S. News data, and location information. 


A student's major could be the difference between loving and hating a university. Honest Alumni lists your alumni network according to their major so students can ask questions about a major in general or for guidance of navigation a department at a particular university. 


Honest Alumni creates a custom Google Map with every alumni university plotted. This allows students to discover schools in a particular region and make connections with alumni who are in their same region. 

ExtraCurricular Activities

Activities outside of the classroom are almost as important as the curriculum inside the classroom. Each alumni bio includes "tags." These tags are an opportunitty for alumni to discuss how they spend their free time and can give the student ideas of opportunities at the university. From A Capella groups to intramural sports, we want students to know of all the opportunities available at their potential university. 


Universities are listed by tuition cost so students can contact alumni with questions about paying for college at specific tuition levels. Universities are listed according to both in and out of state tuition.  

Beyond the Basics

With Beyond the Basics (BTB), Honest Alumni strives to have a repository of knowledge beyond those typically included in the application. This section of the websites presents alumni who have had unique college experiences that we believe need to be shared. Previous BTB sections have included: Greek Life, ROTC and the Military, Performing Arts, and Recruited Athletes. 


Honest Alumni has created a simple, safe, and elegant product that meets a core need for alumni engagement: They can share their college experience, advice, and successes with the next generation of Rabun Gap Alumni.
— Matt McGee, M.Ed, Director of Annual Giving and Constituent Relations, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School