Honest Alumni can support your advancement offices, college counselors, and student bodies. 

Here's what we can do for you!


Honest Alumni allows your institution to utilize the knowledge of your alumni and in the process, build a sense of giving that will last for years. 

Build a Spirit of Giving. 

Honest Alumni allows you to collect donations via your Honest Alumni platform. Other donation campaigns might miss certain parts of your alumni network that happen to active on Honest Alumni. Thus the platform provides you a way to help students and increase donation revenue. 

Donations Support.

Let's move your alumni network off an excel file and into a dynamic platform. Imagine being able to target your alumni network based on their geographic region, academic major, or extracurricular activities.

Network Visualization.

Increased Student Engagement. 

Your high school counselor has one of the toughest jobs. While they are already doing an amazing job, imagine if they had eyes and ears at every institution that you sent a student. The feedback and knowledge you would gain and be able to give to future students would be invaluable. With Honest Alumni, this possibility can be a reality.  

Reliable Resources

Who will give you a better and more truthful review of a university than someone from your home institution? Using your own alumni also assures you that their review is tailored to students with their similar experience.