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Alumni and College Counseling Support

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High Schools

Turn your alumni network into a tool for current students. Honest Alumni takes your current alumni network and builds a platform that allows current students to easily find alumni who can help them succeed as they transition to college. 

Scholarships and Non-Profits

Give your graduates, old employees, and members a way to give back to your organization. Honest Alumni provides the means to track individuals once they leave your organization so that they can help following generations. Each year, you invest time and effort into shaping your organization- Honest Alumni will ensure that your graduates have the ability to give back and continue to help future generations. 


Alumni Relations

Building a Sense of giving

You have the immense job of maintaining a lasting relationship between your institution and each graduating class. We would like to help with your momentous task.

Typically, young graduates do not have the financial means to donate to their institution.  Honest Alumni allows you to utilize the knowledge of these alumni and in the process, build a sense of giving that will last for years. Once their knowledge about college fades, you will already have connection established for them to donate financially. 

donations support

Alumni who feel connected to their institution are more likely to give than those who feel distant to their institution. When talking with current students and sharing their experiences, alumni feel that they are making an active difference at the institution they love dearly.

Honest Alumni allows you to collect donations via your Honest Alumni platform. Other donation campaigns might miss certain parts of your alumni network that happen to active on Honest Alumni. Thus the platform provides you a way to help students and increase donation revenue. 

Visualize your alumni network

Let's move your alumni network off an excel file and into a dynamic platform. Imagine being able to target your alumni network based on their geographic region to host events for all alumni in a certain city. Or perhaps sending a targeted email campaign to all alumni who majored in engineering.

With Honest Alumni, we all you see new and changing insights into your already amazing network. 


College Counseling 

force multiplier

Lets face it, you as a college counselor have one of the toughest jobs at any institution. If it wasn't for our college counselors, the Honest Alumni founders would be where they are today. 

While you are already doing an amazing job, imagine if you had eyes and ears at every institution you sent a student. The feedback and knowledge you would gain and be able to give to future students would be invaluable. Let us give you that information. 

increase regional information

There are over 2,500 public and private 4-year universities in the U.S. spread across all 50 states and territories! With Honest Alumni, we want to give you the ability to be as familiar with universities thousands of miles away as you are with those down the street. 

Reliable resources

Who will give you a better and more truthful review of a university than someone from your home institution? Using your own alumni also assures you that their review is tailored to students with their similar experience.

Your students aren't average so why take information based on the average student? If an alumni of your institution says the workload at their university is similar, you can be assured that the information is applicable to your current students.