The Process

Partnering with Honest Alumni is easy and straightforward. 


Honest Alumni is always looking for partnerships. 
On average, it takes two months to go from initial contact to product launch. 

initial contact.jpg

Initial Contact

We want to know all about you and your institution. This helps us tailor and create an experience just for you! 

  • Institution Size: institution size is based on the number of annual graduates. 
  • Current Alumni Network: We want to understand how you interact and how active your alumni network is. Information such as your alumni email open rate, percentage of alumni that give annually, and how many alumni you have accurate contact information of helps us understand the size of the platform we will need to build. 
  • College Profile: We want to know where your alumni tend to go after graduation. Does your institution naturally funnel students to certain universities or geographic areas? Do a lot of your students tend to take a gap year?

Time Required: A week


Contract Negotiation

The purpose of the contract is to ensure that your institution understands how Honest Alumni operates and what you can expect of us throughout the contract. Your contract will include:

  • Each parties obligations
  • Scope and size of the platform 
  • Alumni privacy protection measures
  • Timeline
  • Payment schedule

Time Required: 1 week

site construction.jpeg

Platform Generation

Now this is where the fun starts! Together we will build a great platform for your institution. Honest Alumni will take care of all the front-end and back-end coding. The basic Honest Alumni site includes 17 pages. From this template, we can add or subtract areas that you may find unnecessary for your institution. Each page is also customized to make your alumni and students feel at home. We love including images of your campus, faculty, and staff. 

Time Required: 2 weeks


Past Alumni Registration

Once your platform is built, we have to populate it with alumni! We like to take 6 weeks to register as many past alumni as possible. During this registration campaign, your site will exponentially increase  to upwards of 100 pages depending on the number of alumni registered. 

The registration campaign is conducted via email and social media. Honest Alumni provides the media and content of all posts but you are free to edit, add, or remove whatever content as you see fit. All emails to alumni originate from your institution. Social media content is posted via your organizations official social media accounts. The following are the registration campaign phases. 

  • Phase 1, General Alumni Registration: We aim to contact all alumni during this phase. About 75% of total alumni registrations will be during this phase. 
  • Phase 2, Alumni Registration by Group: Once we have the bulk of alumni on the site, we then target specific alumni groups. Groups based on gender, race, collegiate activities (recruited athletes, scholarship winners, etc.) have been used in the past. 
  • Phase 3, Alumni Registration as Needed: Now that the majority of the site has been populated, we look to fill in any holes in the network. For instance, if we notice you have very few alumni from universities in California, we will specifically contact alumni at California universities. 

Time Required: 6-8 weeks. The time required fluctuates based how active your particular alumni network is. 


Site Launch

The moment we have all been waiting for! With your platform built and alumni registered, we can now unveil our hard work to the student body. 

Time Required: A week


Continual Maintenance and Alumni Registration

Once your site is launched, it requires little maintenance. We monitor the number of questions sent to alumni to ensure no alumni is getting overburdened with questions. Registration is still open to past alumni and we tend to see about 5 alumni register each month. Lastly, we register the senior class prior to graduation to ensure that they are on the site with accurate information. 

Time Required: On-going 


Your transformed alumni network is only an email away.